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Join Teresa Johnston and Tim Davis, as we walk though Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series: The Wheel of Time. 

Amazon Prime Green Lights Wheel of Time Series

Oct 2, 2018

Wheel of Time fans on Twitter and Facebook went crazy with joy today, with the news that Amazon Prime has given the Green Light to a new Wheel of Time Series.

We at the Wheel of Time PodThru are very excited to see this story come to life as a live action TV Series.  No air date has been set at this time, and a lot of work has yet to be done. However the show runner (Rafe Judkins; Producer/Writer on Chuck and Agents of SHIELD) and his producers are assembling their team, which includes Harriet McDougal (Editor of most of the series, and the author’s widow) as a creative advisor.

Our take away from this news is: OMG THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!!  Attempts have been made over the years, but none have gotten this far.  Amazon has been putting out quality content over the last couple of years, and Rafe Judkins is a huge fan (some may say geek) when it comes to the Wheel of Time, and has shown (to our satisfaction) on Twitter that he is dedicated to doing justice to the series.  We know adaptations just that, and things will be changed as the story is transferred to a completely new medium.  We also do not care!  The ship appears to be in the command of people who care and will be faithful to the original content as much as possible. 

While we are a podcast that is focusing on a ReRead of the series, we did not want to miss out on the opportunity to add our words of support and excitement to this news.  You can follow the story at the following link, shared by Rafe Judkins this morning on Twiter: